Transport logistics

GLOBAL E-TRADE SOLUTIONS company has many years of experience in organizing maritime transportation and interacts directly with shipping lines / carriers. We can provide freight forwarding from any port in the world or deliver your cargo to anywhere in the world.


Long-term cooperation of GES with leading international sea container lines makes it possible to:

provide its partners with the most competitive rates for the delivery of goods;
effectively optimize the costs of storage and use of containers.
avoid delays in cargo handling;
organize the transportation of goods along the optimal route both in standard containers and using a special equipment;
GES acts as a general contractor, overseeing the entire logistics chain, including both sea and land movement of goods. Efficiency is achieved, among other things, by using our own development of on-line tracking and control systems.


We carry out:
transportation of goods, when we monitor the temperature regime.
transportation of large, heavy and oversized cargo;
mixed and multimodal container transportation;
container transportation;
We offer:
and provision of rolling stock;
on rolling stock, together with the development of schemes for securing and loading;
in carriages and large-capacity containers across the countries of the European Union, the CIS and China, and also organizes the reception of imported goods on railways;
with delivery to the ports of Tallinn, Hamburg, Istanbul, Shanghai and other ports;
the movement of goods and rolling stock;
of delivery of cargo by container trains.
Our company carries out international air transportation of goods between the countries of Europe, the Middle East, South America, the USA, the countries of Africa and the CIS. We offer our partners an integrated approach to fulfilling logistics tasks of any complexity using the most efficient and cost-effective options.


We provide:

the most competitive rates for air transportation;
freight forwarding from the warehouse of the consignor to the airport / from the airport to the warehouse of the consignee (door-to-door);
insurance of transported goods and of liability of the carrier;
consultations on shipping documentation and filling procedure;
organization of obtaining permits for transported goods.
We have direct contracts with the following air carriers:
Air Baltic
Emirates SkyCargo
Turkish Cargo
LUG Air Cargo Handling GmbH (Hamburg)
WFS United Kingdom (London)
Turkish Cargo (Istanbul)
Baltic Cargo Center (Riga)
Cargo Handling AS (Tallinn)
Ospentos International OÜ
Direct contracts with cargo terminals and enterprises at airports:
LLC Moscow Cargo (Moscow)
Emirates SkyCargo (Dubai)
WFS France (Paris)
Wisag (Berlin)
GLOBAL E-TRADE SOLUTIONS company has a wide international partner network of road carriers. We provide delivery of goods from China, Europe, Turkey, the CIS, other countries of near abroad and far abroad countries.

The age of the vehicles of the partner network is not more than 2014. We offer freight forwarding, both by separate vehicles and as part of a combined cargo. The average transit time of delivery from the CIS countries to Europe by direct voyage does not exceed 10 days, as part of a combined cargo does not exceed 15 days.


Advantages of cooperation with GLOBAL E-TRADE SOLUTIONS in the field of road transportation:
suitable route options for you;
of customs transit;
the location of the vehicle using GPS (all partner vehicles are equipped with GPS);
of warehouse services and cargo consolidation in Europe;
for transportation of heavy and oversized cargo.

GES carries out road transportation of the following types of cargoes:

- general cargoes;
- combined cargoes;
- project and oversized cargoes.


We provide the following services for you:
we organize project transportation, we transport oversized and heavy cargoes;
we determine the route of cargo transportation that suits you;
we prepare schemes for fastening and placement of oversized and heavy cargo;
we develop project documentation to coordinate the route of vehicles with oversized cargo;
we organize and supervise loading and unloading operations;
we issue special permits for the transportation of bulky and oversized, heavy cargo;
we make outline drawings and blueprints for the loading;
we carry out dispatching tracking of cargo along the entire route in real time.
GES provides services for the transportation of oversized cargo, large machinery, metal structures, equipment by railway from the station, as well as by sea, or by road.


We insure our liability to partners for all possible risks:
when organizing the transportation of goods by any mode of transport (sea, air, railway and motor transport);
when transporting heavy and bulky cargo (trawls, modules, pontoon crossings, etc.);
when carrying out loading and unloading work, transshipment of goods;
when carrying out storage, warehouse operations, intra-port forwarding;
when registering transport, customs, all types of cargo documents;
during the provision of railway transport infrastructure;
when carrying out maritime agency services;
when organizing express deliveries, as well as deliveries of postal items;
all other freight forwarding services provided by GES.
Working with our company, you can always be sure that all possible risks are insured and we are responsible to you:
For possible loss (shortage) loss and / or damage (spoilage) of cargo, including as a result of:
violations of the temperature regime (including as a result of a breakdown of the refrigeration unit);
displacement of the load (including in case of insufficient fastening).
fire, explosion, theft, robbery, armed assault;
an accident due to the fault of the driver of the vehicle;
an accident due to the fault of third parties;
loading and unloading operations;
loading of cargo;
For possible financial losses related to:
possible errors/inaccuracies in the preparation of transport and cargo documents;
violation of the terms of delivery of goods.
incorrect sending of the item;
For causing damage to property or health of third parties.
For making a customs payment when placing goods under customs procedures (customs transit, temporary import, etc.).
For loss, damage to containers or railway transport.
For causing harm to the environment and ecology.
For additional expenses (for disposal, lifting/rescuing vehicles, cleaning up the territory and other expenses based on needs).